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09-Aug-2017 02:45

New Computer Since Windows Vista came out in January 2007 hardware has come a long way.

Even with the high end hardware that was needed to run the operating system decently it is now outdated technology from 9 years ago.

Just for perspective I have successfully run Windows 10 Insider builds on a Vista era laptop and it performs pretty good in comparison to Windows Vista on the same device.

While holding onto older hardware and upgrading to modern versions of Windows are not upgrades that are full of performance increases – it will at least get you onto an OS that has more support left than Windows Vista itself.

Everything is faster these days from processors, to memory, motherboards, hard drives, etc.

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The extended support time frame for Windows Vista will expire one year from this week on 11 April 2017.

Unfortunately, due to steep system requirements and controversial new technologies like User Account Control (UAC) and more restrictive Digital Rights Management (DRM) the OS did not get out of the gate very well.

Today that story is very different because since 2009 it has steadily declined in usage as people opted to stay with Windows XP or adopt Windows 7 as their new operating system.

Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Windows Vista is also eligible to upgrade directly to Windows 8.1.

Microsoft also has a page dedicated to this upgrade process with links to Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that will check your system and warn you of any compatibility issues.

That will mark the end of 10 years of total support for the operating system.