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Born October of 1958 Died January of 1995 Tim was a kind, intelligent, funny guy. I'm really sorry that you've had to go through with your anxieties and your depression. We hope you have found the peace that eluded you here on earth. Klein, Douglas, born 09 April 1974, died 11 October 2011 in Clearwater, Florida, USAOur Remembrance Doug, you were the bright light that came on every time anyone saw you, they just couldn\'t get enough. Mac Donald, Jeremy Thomas, born 21 December 1994, died 25 November 2011 in Nova Scotia, Canada Our Remembrance My son,forever missed,forever loved,forever in my heart. I will never forget any of our memories like when Chris pushed me in the water at the beach and I was wearing all of my clothes or when my mom made us go on some boring boat tour and he fell asleep on my lap for 3 hours.

Your music has inspired me, especially since I decided to become a musician myself, and I also really admire the fact that you've helped out those that you felt were in your shoes. hope you heard some of the remarks during your funeral: he was always smiling & laughing, if you needed his help, he was always never had a bad word to say about anyone. If only we could know the darkness of your soul, perhaps we could have stopped you, but you wouldn\'t want to trouble anyone. You were always an angel here on earth,truly an angel now up in heaven. And I will especially never forget your last night alive when we made cookies then danced and sang in my kitchen for hours.

He never once raised a hand to me or said a bad thing....was only 17. He was always ready to help others, give his last dollar and shirt off his back. I wish you would've given one of us the opportunity to help you. Murphey, Tim, born 05 October 1958, died 30 January 1995 in St John, Virgin Islands Our Remembrance Remembering Tim Murphey, my highschool sweetheart. I know we've never met and I only started listening to your music a few years ago, but I'm really glad that I did. -David Ligon (a fan)Garner, Susie, born 30 November 1960, died 16 April 1996 in Urbana, Illinois Our Remembrance We miss you and think of you everyday! The holidays are a struggle without you, your presence brought so much joy. Things like dancing, anytime, anywhere showed me that he were never afraid to be himself and I will always love that about him.I miss that smile and I will never hear the words Mom again, You are on my mind all the time so I wait for the day to come that we will be together again. I pray you will forgive us for not being all that you needed, as we forgive you for not wanting us more. xoxo Adorno, Daniel David, born 07 July 1972, died 31 December 2010 in Richmond, Virginia, USAOur Remembrance My beloved Daniel David, I chose your name because it meant beloved king.Rest my Beautiful Angel Nicole I love you so very much and miss you. Stablein, David John, born , died 07 March 2012 in Orange, California, USAOur Remembrance A beloved Son, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Father, Friend. I miss your smile, I miss your love, I miss you calling my name. We know you\'re in Heaven now and we can\'t wait to see you again!Web Site : Kohberg, Brittany Marie, born 05 August 1992, died 04 July 2015 in Muskegon, Michigan Our Remembrance My Beautiful Bethany Marie I miss you more and more every day my life has stopped going on as we knew it you will forever be loved and missed ....

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With Love Always Mom Abbott, Cordarrell Robert, born 19 November 1990, died 24 September 2009 in Neoga, Illinois Our Remembrance Though you carried the world on your sholders for so many years it became to much for you. Love Mommy Cody Mackenzie, Hillenbrand, born 15 July 1992, died 25 October 2017 in Chandler, Indiana, United States Our Remembrance In memory of my sweet son Cody. Your kind and sensitive soul is greatly missed; more than you realized. Love, Madre Wright, Allyson, born 01 December 1985, died 19 January 2012 in California Our Remembrance Our beloved Allyson.

We can only hope Allyson found the peace she longed for.