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In the window -- a MANNEQUIN is wearing -- the best of everything. Her finger moves along a series of DESIGNER shoe boxes...

A PRETTY TWENTY-SOMETHING girl looks in at the display: dreaming of the day. O.) Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two "L's": labels and love. 5TH AVENUE/TIFFANY -- DAY -- SUMMER 1 Four TWENTY-SOMETHING WOMEN walk away from us -- arms linked LAUGHING -- They make their way down the busy street -- shopping bags and designer purses swinging.

CARRIE -- standing on her bed placing it next to her TWO other books: "Sex and The City" and "Menhattan" A framed photo of four girls (circa 1999) is also on the shelf.

O.) (CONT'D) We still are those four single girls...

She passes a twenty-something girl and guy huddled very close together.

O.) Turns out, a "knock-off" is not as easy to spot when comes to love...

They laugh a little as the doors close on the elevator. FIFTH AVE BUILDING - BAD APARTMENT/HALL -- MOMENTS LATER 13 A door is opened up by CAROL (55) their real estate agent.

FIFTH AVE BUILDING/HALLWAY -- MOMENTS LATER 14 The Building Agent holds the elevator doors open for Carrie, Big and Carol as they get on.

CARRIE If you live here what is there to fight about? AGENT I do have another apartment that's not even on the market yet. The Agent reaches over and presses the "PH" button on the control panel. PENTHOUSE -- MOMENTS LATER -- SUMMER 15 A gorgeous pre-war penthouse apartment.

She swirls around to Big -- very grand dame; with accent. AGENT And across the rooftop terrace --- CARRIE What -- Nirvana?

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