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Then, for our first journey, we are told to “witness” the harm that has been done to us and to express it however it feels natural on the paper with a marker, crayon or pen in words and/or images.Once again, the drums kick in, and I note down a victim on the second piece of paper.Next, we take the two pieces of paper, roll them up and fold them together into a “doll,” a stick figure-ish looking form that represents all the harm we are going to get rid of.I am told I’m the first outsider to take part in the circle.

I feel like I’ve been accepted into a secret society.In the center stands a hawk totem, around which Madson is gradually laying sacred objects upon a cotton cloth emblazoned with stars, things you might expect in such a Native American ceremony — a candle, a stone, a seashell with water in it, rattles, molted egret feathers, sage, a buffalo bone, a serpent coiled around a stick — arranged according to the four cardinal points.

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