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12-Oct-2017 23:43

The mother of the six-year-old British boy killed in the American primary school massacre spoke of how her family had ‘felt happy and comfortable’ leaving England to live in the small town which was to become the scene of one of the worst gun tragedies in US history.

And in a poignant interview with the local newspaper in Newtown, believed to have taken place earlier this year, Mrs Hockley, 42, said spending time with her children gave her ‘a lot of joy’ and that the people in her new neighbourhood ‘are incredible’.

But I dared not — the terrified of being fooled again thing.

Staying out of the game was also about more than not wanting to waste my spare time. It was cleaner, less dangerous, less fussy, and it definitely made me less insecure. I spent so many years without romance, filling up my life with my children and my work and every detail to keep it all afloat, and my needs receded.

He was Catholic and wanted to remarry and didn’t see the point of going much further if I didn’t conform to canon law.

Sure, some men were polite, attractive and intelligent, but for years no sparks flew in my direction and no one was ever all that funny, interesting or a better option than a hot bath, rented movie or a stack of new magazines.

We practically had to use a dustpan to dig our way out.’ She added: ‘When we started looking for a house here, we visited Westchester County and all around.

This was the place, when we were driving around, where we felt happy and comfortable. We felt something was unusual because they didn’t respond to phone calls, and last night they called us and just said a few words – “Our son is not with us any more.” That’s how it happened.’ According to a business profile on the Linked In website, Mr Hockley was financial consolidation manager for computer software firm IBM in the north-east Europe region.

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I guess I could have taken a chance on one of them and fallen in love.

During that time, insurers can’t refuse to sell you any policy available in your state or charge you a higher premium than other people your age.

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