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• Swab the injection site and surrounding area with alcohol, and cover the injected lesion with an absorbent pad and dry occlusive dressing.

Disposal Dispose of all materials that have come in contact with Imlygic (e.g.

Thawed Imlygic may be stored prior to administration (see section 6.3).

The total injection volume for each treatment session should be up to a maximum of 4 m L.

Table 2: Selection of Imlygic injection volume based on lesion size Patients may experience increase in size of existing lesion(s) or the appearance of a new lesion prior to achieving a response.

• Clean the lesion and surrounding areas with an alcohol swab and let dry.

Injection • Inject Imlygic intralesionally into cutaneous, subcutaneous, and/or nodal lesions that are visible, palpable or detectable by ultrasound guidance.Multiple insertion points may be used if a lesion is larger than the radial reach of the needle.