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Ralphus: In one episode they illustrate how to 'properly' burn a witch at a stake...apparently 100,000 witches were burned in Europe over 300 years... You'll be happy to know it takes 17 minutes to fully engulf the witch in the traditional method.

Rape and torture are now part of the battlefield strategy of many conflicts, 'true believers' of all major religions subjugate 'their' women, in parts of the world wives and daughters are sold into bondage/slavery to settle debts.

In some small part, it is the result of media depictions of violence of all types that provoke thought and intelligent discussion which brings about a change in attitude in general society.

To paraphrase Sam Peckinpah when asked why he made his movie violence so real...

It's quite well done and shows that some of the historical methods perhaps weren't as effective for torture as recorded.

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They even have the cute Michelle Boyd as one of the scientists.Instead of opening with the break-up, scientists suggest that a simple 'we need to talk' is enough to soften the blow, without adding too much of a buffer.