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07-Oct-2017 19:39

While some courtship signals are studied and deliberate, others, such as those just mentioned, are completely unconscious.It is still unclear how we learn these signals but research now shows that many may be inborn.To discourage the opposite sex we play down or hide these differences.Alex's technique was first to spot women whose body language indicated they were available and then to respond with his own male courtship gestures.Those who were interested would return the appropriate female signals, giving him the non-verbal green light to proceed to the next stage.The success women have in intimate encounters is directly related to their ability to send courtship signals to men and to decode those being sent back.

The ideal place to observe these changes is on a beach when a man and a woman approach each other from a distance.This was their reaction to the constant attention he'd give them and the courtship signals he used.Men, on the other hand, described him as 'aggressive', 'insincere', 'arrogant' and 'not particularly funny' ~ their reaction to the competition Alex represented.For a man, success in the mating game relies mainly on his ability to read the signals being sent to him, as opposed to being able to initiate his own moves.

Most women are aware of courtship signals but men are far less perceptive, often being completely blind to them, which is why so many men have difficulty finding potential mates.The changes take place when they are close enough to meet each other's gaze and will continue until after they have passed each other, at which time their original posture returns.

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