Adult asperger s syndrome dating other aspies

26-Jul-2017 00:44

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Many neuro typical spouses recount their unhappiness when their partner does not want to kiss or be caressed, and they then suffer the AS-partner’s rejection of physical and emotional intimacy.

(1, 3, 4, 5)Tactile defensiveness or other sensory issues of the AS partner may be so extreme that shared adult sleeping arrangements are not possible.

Therefore, Asperger’s Syndrome is called a Relationship Disorder.

Asperger’s Syndrome seriously affects the sexual intimacy and life in the relationship and often causes great emotional pain for the neurotypical (NT) partner.

Likewise, most people with Asperger’s have some aversion to being touched. I know there are spouse who can’t stand to touch their spouse, to hug or hold them.

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Their intimate life with their loved one in marriage is private.

Except for procreation, sex may be a non-starter for the AS spouse.

On the other hand, sexual demands may be so high as to drive the other partner to distraction, leaving him or her little time for rest or respite.

The functional disorders that are a result of the autism, characterize precisely the core areas which are most important for a person’s healthy and safe sexual development, especially the development of an intimate physical, emotional and social contact with other people.

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Romance is often the very thing that can be lacking from the sexual side of the relationship and this can, in time, have a detrimental effect upon the quality, ore willingness of either partner to participate in making love.

But some characteristics are said to be typical of every successful relationship: Good and less good moments appear in all relationships. But NT-AS relationships suffer further as a result of neurologically and biologically caused deficits on all the points mentioned above, in addition to other marriage stressors.

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